This agreement is made between Simba Run Rentals, LLC and you – the Simba Run unit owner.

The Owner(s) have agreed to participate in the Choose Your Condo Program through Simba Run Rentals LLC. Owner agrees to an annual fee of $200.00 to be billed on the monthly owners statement in April of each fiscal year. A 60 day notice to vacate the program, will be given via mail, email or fax should SRR or Owner elect to withdraw unit from the program. No proration of the annual fee will be given.

Said unit will be sent to prospective guests that select the Choose your Condooption. A selection of condos in the selected guests category of Basic, Deluxe & Premier will be sent to the guest to choose their condo.

Each unit will have a unique link that will feature up to 6 professional photos of SRR’s choice, information about the specific unit & highlights of any special attributes such as but not limited to: Mountain View, Split Level, Single Level, Gourmet Kitchen.

*** While a unit is booked to a guest, the owner will not be able to use the condo. ***

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